your mission: if you choose to accept it

Picture 779
got some fantastic news today!
my first assignment in my new job has been accepted (by me!) yayayayayayaayayayayayayyyyyyy!

Picture 777
oh happy day.

i am sitting in starbucks right now using their wifi this sunday afternoon. so many people come into starbucks. a LOT of attractive women. it’s fun to see everyone’s outfits. this dude is taking a pic of the two chicks in line in front of him. and let me just say, for the record, it’s gross to me when women wear thong underwear under a dress because the dress settles into their butt-crack. what would my grandmother say if she knew??? how times have changed from when we used to wear slips and proper undergarments with dresses?

Picture 583
this was a starbucks drink i had about a week ago. back-blogging.

Picture 513
this was also about a week ago… we had a drink in this cool bar called The Station. the place is made out of old railroad cars. his band has played here a few times. we almost sang karaoke but then we waited too long and it was too late.

Picture 618
the smell of burning cheese in this starbucks is making me ill, so i’ll be heading out soon. tired of watching all these fancy people snottily flit out with their glorified milkshakes. šŸ˜› hehehe. jk. if i had money, i’d possibly buy one for myself, too. i have starbucks coffee at home and i make it with a french press and half and half and real sugar and even then, i rarely finish my cup.


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