end slavery

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i don’t want to be a slave to anything. i feel resentful to facebook and instagram for trying to make me be a slave to them.

twitter doesn’t worry me much…. i don’t really worry much about blogging…. i feel free with regard to those. but instagram and facebook are slave-drivers.

texting, too. texting is a slave-driver.

i don’t even want to participate in the mind-set of facebook. seriously.
i’m tired of participating in mind-sets.

let things happen… ‘they’ say.


should we ‘let’ things happen or ‘make’ things happen?


One comment

  1. Bruce Johnson (@lotus07)

    I have to agree with you on this one. Facebook and the like are just not right. While they sucked us all in with their potential, they have morphed into something that is very disturbing and manipulative. Sadly, most younger users don’t see this. The better path is to have your own webpage and tweet, and stay an individual. Not be part of the ‘collective’.

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