endowment for the arts

Picture 772
they should have a category of disability known as “artist”
because i find that the mindset of an artist does not fit in well with the way mainstream society works.

it’s like having a handicap. where do you think the term starving artist came from?

we buck the norms.
then the norms buck us.

Picture 765
for one thing, my work pace is not acceptable to normies. i don’t think in a linear fashion and i am not efficient. SORRY. i’m a human being not a robot slave.

Picture 704
life is supposed to be enjoyable, isn’t it?
not constant never-ending fast-paced, nose-to-the-grindstone labor.

i did a load of laundry today. see? i’m trying to be responsible.

Picture 767
life’s short. do what you really want to do and come what may!
in this instance, it is eat your bf’s fave foods: shredded bbq beef on gluten free bread with deviled eggs and potato salad.

Picture 768
i always have to be different/creative/unique. it’s just what i do. either that, or copy people. HAHA!

Picture 759
anyway, the working day is almost finished and then it’s party time!!!!


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