human foibles

Picture 744
do you ever wonder about what goes on behind the scenes?
people struggle but most people don’t display their struggle to the world… the whole quiet desperation thing. sometimes things are so bad that all you can do is laugh about it and forget it… that’s how it feels to me. i can’t solve the world’s problems. i can’t really even solve my own problems.

the general world doesn’t care about justice or empathy… there’s not a lot of room for human foibles. but humans are full of foibles.

i’m here, i’m alive. is it really about winning or losing? maybe. is it really a competition? i guess maybe it is…. but it’s really all too grand to think i am the one controlling it.

Picture 706
this chandelier looks like it’s made out of a bear trap.

and here is the bear i caught!! heheee

Picture 724
a blurry salad i ate.

Picture 720
okay, i’ve got to get down to business tho. life ain’t all fun n games, now, is it?


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