life is….

Picture 682
we took an impromptu trip to yosemite national park on thursday… had no campsite reservations or room reservations but what we ended up getting was awesome! something i’d never done before… stayed in housekeeping camp. it was super super cool.

Picture 681
look at this cool owl tree! awesome.

Picture 680
it’s so incredible there. and it feels like you’re traveling the world because people all around are speaking different languages….

Picture 678
i love rocks. rocks rock!!

Picture 675
nothing is as great as waking up in yosemite and having breakfast under the trees while the squirrels come around wishing they could steal your food.

Picture 659
since we went un-planned and under-prepared, we bought a bed kit for $2.50.

Picture 660
the bed was super dee duperty comfortable.

Picture 656

Picture 649
all the tent cabins had christmas lights up for decoration. cool points for that! next time!

Picture 647

Picture 644

Picture 683
guess that’s kind of all i have to say for now.


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