yawn city

Picture 458
only pic i took of dinner last night but it was SOOOOOOOOOO incredibly GOOD!
om nom nom nom nom

Picture 465
only TEN MORE DAYS you guys until my NEW LIFE starts!!! woohoo!

a new adventure. yay!

not that anyone reads my blog, but if anyone DID read it, they are probably as bored as I AM with my life lately. yawn city. well, other than the ‘romance’ part… but i don’t really disclose everything about that. more info will come as it develops, guys.

Picture 469
walking around the grocery store aimlessly. exciting life, eh?

Picture 463
no makeup, low angles, scary eyes face!!

Picture 462
i think this shows clearly what i actually look like. don’t you?
well. you wouldn’t know really. but it’s a pretty clear pic, no make-up and idk.

Picture 452
yesterday was a really good day!
i was happy and things were good and went well.

things are looking up!!!!!

today is my nephew’s twelfth birthday. i sent a card. too far away to go to the party!

tonight i take my daughter to girl scouts. she hasn’t really gone all summer because she was out doing fun things in other places. school starts in ten days~!



  1. lotus07

    As any reader of your blog can tell, you have been much more upbeat recently. That much has been obvious. Whether it is a change in meds or a change in relationships it definitely has been for the better! So what happens in 10 days?

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