sunday bloody (mary) sunday

Picture 449
only pretending to play in this shot, to see how this dress looks while i’m playing pool. haha. it’s ok. kinda churchy.

but we really did actually play two games.

Picture 446
it was a bloody mary kinda sunday.

Picture 447

Picture 435
this bloody mary had NO GARNISH! *gasp* is that how they do it in France? (it’s supposedly a french bistro) tasted pretty good, tho.

Picture 432
i seriously so far think the place is over-priced. but it’s ok. still nice to sit out on their patio and have a sip.

Picture 433
then we had a salad with goat cheese, arugula and warm chicken and walnuts. it was good. not worth thirteen bucks, tho! come on!

Picture 443
i keep kind of wishing i could cut my hair.
i think i would look younger.
just don’t want to have haircut remorse or long hair envy to deal with. grrr.

iPicture 451



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