Picture 359
this was yummy. meatless taco crumbles, refried beans, plain yogurt, hot sauce.

Picture 364
i’m at the library right now using their wifi for my laptop. i can’t do certain things on my phone, or at least not in the same way…. especially blogging.

Picture 367
this dress is pretty lounge-y.
not very figure flattering?
comfy tho. it should just be for home.

i’ve been watching all of season two of New Girl. it’s funny. that show has some fast-paced one-liners. you can miss them if you aren’t paying close attention.. and they use a lot of ‘deadpan’?

Picture 369
i have a library problem. i perpetually have at least 8 movies and probably six books checked out at any point in time.

Picture 368
library library library….
it’s a lovely day.

Picture 373
the lighting in here sucks pretty badly for photos. flash would help, but it’s obtrusive.

Picture 374
yeah, this dress isn’t doing me any favors, is it? i’m not waifish enough. (by enough i mean not at all)

Picture 310
a pic of the band for good measure. they are great guys. lead singer is my fave, tho 😉


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