too much

Picture 348

Picture 347
i wasn’t particularly impressed with the hollandaise sauce but the eggs were poached perfectly and the english muffins were very fresh.  the potatoes, meh. i like crispy potatoes with my breakfast, but i put some delicious hot sauce on them.. chalula, it’s called.  tasty stuff.

Picture 286
this is the guy i’ve been seeing and he makes me swoon all the time just because he is so adorable and interesting and i love to stare at him.  luckily that’s okay with him. 😉 lucky for me! it’s too soon to really say the “L” word, but i feel it and i’ve said it but i said, “i know i’m not supposed to say it” isn’t that dumb? but i guess you have to wait to see if the will outlast the thrill of the first month. eh? i really like him.


Picture 351
this was today’s breakfast.  meatless sausage, milkless cheese. real egg.  (i added that)


Picture 340

Picture 227
baha.. dork!



Picture 327
i feel naked in this shirt and am constantly paranoid that my boobs are falling out of it.

this is why i generally don’t wear stuff like this.



Picture 329
trying to make healthy choices on occasion! haha.


Picture 339
this was a little place we went with his family for his nephew’s birthday. had apps and drinks.  it was nice. it was a privilege to be included! i’m so happy! i got the invite, right!? that means something!!

Picture 336
been having lots of fun and no time to blog about it. plus i no longer have internet at my apartment so i have to go places to use wifi hotspots on my laptop. this is the first successful attempt at that.

Picture 338
the guy i’m seeing is allergic to wheat and we both actually have sensitive digestive systems so we usually pay the price for eating things like this… but it was someone’s birthday party and sometimes you just wanna go with the fun in the moment, right?

Picture 332
latest work i’ve done on my kurt cobain portrait.
it’s tough to get a good pic of it, tho.

Picture 355
see? i’m at a coffee shop.


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