(outer/inner) space: invaders

Picture 206
do you ever feel like you wanna see yourself at your worst?
so you take purposely bad angle pics and like put no effort into your facial expression?
that’s what i was doing here, kinda.
sorta reminds me of Jennifer Grey in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Picture 207
look! a memento. 🙂

Picture 196
we took the looooong way home. ended up a little too long!
whew! sometimes fun can really take it out of ya!

Picture 194
i found this amusing.
cows can read?
how polite of you to request they close the gate.

easily entertained, i guess.

Picture 193Picture 191
we didn’t hike to this. it was too late, running out of time and energy. if only we could be independently wealthy! soon!!! soon!

Picture 168
see, this is when i take a blogging break. i don’t like my blog posts to be too long. blogging is just not where it’s at, anymore. i mean.

maybe it is, what do i know, anyway? i never really cared anyway. i blog because i want to.

Picture 169
i kind of see my grandpa’s facial expression here. he was portuguese.

Picture 167
this vine is over 100 yrs old. amazing.


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