don’t stop believin’!

new 917
ugh. somehow my computer got a virus. SUCKS!
i keep delaying the inevitable because i know i’m gonna lose a lot of work. 😦

new 920
this theater space is so magical.
i love hanging out there.
we do.

new 921
we climbed up there, too.

new 922
we both have a special relationship with entertainment, the desire to entertain, the feeling that it is just natural. artistry, performance. an affinity.

new 923
american idol. yeahhh.

new 925
see that ladder?
climbed it, bro.

new 927
paint splats. today i was wearing these flip flops and a guy started waving at me like he wanted to tell me something so i go over and he seems to be mentally disabled… he says he likes my shoes. asks me to sit down. asks me if he can touch my shoes. i said no. asked him his name, told him mine, said it’s nice to meet you but i gotta go. funny.

new 928
behind the screen.

new 947
life SHOULD be amazing and it is!
LET me tell ya!

that little artistic fence is made by a local artist. he has a lot of his work around here. nice stuff.

new 948
i took a lot of pictures here because i was having a really good time.
i am gonna lose all my pics when i re-install windows.

sad story, that.


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