up on the roof…

new 963
it’s been a great weekend.
things are getting better all the time.

new 962
my fourth of july weekend was unique, just like me!
and like my companion.
together we’re a force to be reckoned with?

new 960
right now i’m watching a documentary about sushi.
fun times on a saturday.
might be going out for sushi later….

it’s a really hot day today. whew. and there was a fire somewhere so the air quality really isn’t great.

new 979
climbed up this. i like climbing up things.
not corporate ladders, tho.
no thanks.

new 942
it’s fun to look down on things, i mean, in a good way. like, it feels like you’re flying.

new 932
my computer is completely infested with malware. i only JUST rebooted the operating system and had it all going and then BLAMMO.
unfortunate. been looking at people’s twitter feeds who put too many outside links? i don’t know. why can’t people just not make viruses?

new 971
wow. complex.
wish i knew what it all does.

new 959
why you gotta be so complicated?
why you gotta tell me if i’m hated?
please be careful with me….
i’m sensitive and i’d like to stay that way…
oops, lapsed into a jewel song.
but yeah? these signs are whack, man.

it’s like some kind of vortex.
‘what are your cross streets?’
“you know, where fair oaks blvd crossed fair oaks blvd.

new 972
this is where we watched fireworks from.


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