new 812
cheese quesadilla (whole grain tortilla), fire-roasted salsa, goat’s milk yogurt. delicious.

new 830
yesterday was a fun day. this was a good weekend.
went for a walk to the river and swam a bit…

new 832
played some pool while having a glass of vino at this bar. the lady bartender carded me, specifically, calling me ‘the young one’
SWEET! haha.

new 836new 835
we played a game of this, he played one side, i the other. i suck at pinball.

new 838
oh my!

i make sound effects when i shoot pool, hoping the sound effects will make my shot better. it may or may not work.

new 839
i didn’t win.
it’s just something fun to do.

new 841new 840
yep. played a couple games. played some songs on the juke box.

new 826
my wonderful new friend. he is funny and talented and sweet.

new 843
these got crashed into one time and were broken for a while… but then they got fixed. that’s nice.


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