the way things are

new 700
fragrant herbs growing on the river bank.

new 701
went for a dip in this swimming hole.
it was nice.

new 704
new 705
i swam across that.
it wasn’t hard.
really only a few places where my feet couldn’t touch bottom.

new 707
i saw this one girl riding a bike on the water.
it was like you’re sitting on a unicycle seat and pedaling and there are pontoons holding you up. totally sweet. great fun exercise that would be, eh?

new 708
little hike to get you warmed up for the cool dip.

new 698
another view of the area.

new 697
yep, so there you have it. just went out into nature for some relaxation. gonna do it again soon.
i got talked into going in to the gym tomorrow morning by 9:30.


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