dr. awkward

new 714

I like playing pool, but didn’t play any this night.


new 711

this was what i wore and yeah, i was the only person who looked like a summer picnic from oz. 😉  jk.  people were mostly casual and the atmosphere was laid back. good group.



new 718

i love this song and i know all the words (it had been a while, so the prompts helped)

but i was SO nervous that it made me have so much vibrato i sounded like tiny tim under water.


whatever! i got thru it and the next song was much better.


Jewel: Who Will Save Your Souls ? i need a teense bit more practice on the improvisation part tho….


new 719

this is one of the songs my new friend sang. a good song for him.  it’s interesting how certain songs suit certain voices/people, i guess. but they do.


new 722

new 723

the chick who sang this was really good and did not look like someone who would be singing that song!  a lot of the people sounded really bad. some people didn’t even get up from where they were sitting at their table! whatever works, i guess.

new 724

new 725

i’ve only done karaoke once before in my life and it was a looooooooooong time ago.  i sang Heard it Thru the Grapevine.  i never go to bars and hang out. i’m really shy, it’s super ridiculous sometimes… my normal, wonderful talents and charms sometimes need a little coaxing before they’ll show themselves.  like a sea urchin. haha

new 726

wine works for me. everything else is just…. different.  i know wine, i like wine. (red only, please. thank you)


new 713

there were actually people  playing pool but just not in this shot.  nice place, tho. i enjoyed myself.


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