pour some sugar on me

new 694
i didn’t go IN to the fair. just hung around the outskirts like a vagabond for about an hour.
don’t have the ca$h to be throwin’ around at the mo’

but you can have fun doing opposite day.
let’s go to the fair and pretend like everyone in the fair is TRAPPED in there and all they want to do is get OUT!. haha

new 691
things are going better now.
getting better all the time, i tell you!

new 695
omg, bacon is so awesome.

it’s so salty!
smells so good!

even if you try to not care about bacon, it’s really hard.
when i was a kid, half of my family was 7th-Day Adventist so they were all vegetarians and MOST assuredly did not eat pork products.
i TRIED to not eat pork products but it was really hard because my mom wasn’t 7th-Day Adventist and she would make sausage AND bacon for big weekend breakfastss.

practically impossible to resist the temptation. it’s horrible.
it’s a sin!

new 693
so i really like that song Broken.
you know what i mean?
i feel like such an illuminati brainwashed puppet slave for it but
there you have it.

me and my broken heart.
it reminds me of maroon 5.
is it maroon 5?
i will google it later.


this is a cover of it.



  1. hi

    Clean your damn house and stop decorating with kiddie furniture. And don’t even get me started on the tie dye and retard shorts.

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