always leave a note to say where you have gone

omg i am watching the james franco movie 127 hrs.
HEllllllllp me!

i know it’s just a movie!
but actually no it’s not!
it really happened!
i remember reading about it in the paper.

hi. do you like my living room?

this has high fructose corn syrup so there is really no point in drinking it.

james franco is so attractive for some reason!

the movie has a nice ending!
i had never watched it before because i was afraid!
afraid i couldn’t handle it.
i’ll admit i looked away a lot.



  1. hi

    No. You are gross. Ponder how much time you spend looking for a color coordinated accessory with which to photograph your poorly manicured nails.

  2. hi

    What I do like are all the penis-envy shots of you clenching phallic objects.

    Are you working again? Can you afford a shrink yet, dear?

  3. hi

    If I was wrong you wouldn’t be a grandmother already.

    Speaking of which, it might be time to rid your limited vocabulary of words like “butthurt”.

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