nibble, nibble, little mouse…

new 646
not sure the sun is safe. prolly the air isn’t safe?
nothing is safe.
so whatever, then, right?
that’s right.

img_20140606_102239.jpgnew 647
do you trust the postal service?
seems like they reallly fail me a lot.
maybe it’s just me?
but actually! i DID have a good LUCK mail event happen to me last week.
so you win some, you lose some, maybe?

new 642
i wrote a five page letter to my son and mailed it to him the other day.
maybe he will get it tomorrow.

new 644
it was 106 degrees today in the central valley of cali!
que horriblay!

new 648
after i went swimming/laid out i came in, took a shower…. and basically crashed out for two hours.

new 637
what is thees?

new 638
my favorite candy!
for my birthday!
wee wee!

this candy i love to savour.
i like to take it and hide in my tree house and eat one tiny little tiny bite at a time and make it last for weeks! by nibbling at it like a mouse.

yes, i’m crazy!


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