the bees!

new 539
it’s my birthday weekend!
today i have watched two really cute cool movies.

moar pizza! jk. this was a pic from my daughter’s last day of school….
which it is no longer that day.

i love nick cage. he was awesome in wicker man!

mmmm. marmite!
just kidding.
it’s interesting. i don’t hate it. but i’m not the brit. i do have british ancestry, however. a lot of people think my last name is german. it’s not. it’s english.

IMG_20140603_144633 (1)
ok, people. next week is a week of action! m-kay?
no more taking this lying down, i tell ya!

but yeah. today, i watched The Pretty One. the critics are completely full of shit on that one because it’s quality. i recommend it.

new 558
practice cake for my birthday tomorrow!
fun day is planned with family. looking forward to it.
henna tonight, then get up and do my hair in the morning then GO!

new 568
i made these with caramelized onions and then added some purple cauliflower and some steamed steakhouse potatoes, diced.

new 570
also my phone is completely dead, too. battery has one year life.
phone is piece of crap.

but still tomorrow will be fun and things will all work out wonderfully well! you watch!!!!


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