new 490
today was good.
i didn’t feel miserable at all.

new 492
the other day my daughter’s girl scout troop donated money to a kitty sanctuary.

new 495
this kitty lost an eye at some point. he looks pretty healthy, now, tho.

new 499new 497
i like cats a lot, they’re cool. but if they have a litter box indoors it is yukky.

new 513

new 504

new 506

new 512
the cats really weren’t 100% thrilled to have fifteen kids and six adults ogling them for thirty minutes. but they got over it.

new 533

new 515

new 519

new 525

new 526

new 531
my daughter took the camera for a bit.

new 537

new 535
i am a cat woman. i even got cat scratch fever when i was seven and had to have a surgery and i liked being in the hospital because my mom and my grandma and my aunt all worked there so i got special treatment.



  1. hi

    Hey your hair looks good in that “#appearances” photo. Your face, however? Holy shit.

    And why is there a jar of relish on the floor behind you?

    • hi

      What happened to your job at Whole Foods? Did they give you the boot for licking the pizzas?

      Remember when you got promoted to deli meats and you were all “my job defines me” “this is my family “I belong here” “it feels good to be part of a team even if I slice prosciutto all day”.

      • worldgoesround

        in reno i worked with a bunch of cool peeps. i miss them. folsom, not so much. i quit that job and have a much more satisfying career, now. thanks for your ‘concern’, trollface

      • hi

        What’s with all the fake smiles? You look like one of those serial killer clowns.

        Post some pics of your two hotter, younger sisters.

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