palm trees swayin’ in the breeze

this is what i wore today.
i took off the leggings once it was too hot for them.
windy morning, hot afternoon.

i never pay full retail. that’s for suckers. i’z po-folk.
besides, you can find really cool stuff for ridic cheap.
helps you to be more original? and have more money.
this dress was missing the top button, which was what it needed to ‘hold it all together.’

i liked it, but opted out. sometimes that has to happen.

i can’t afford retail therapy or any other therapy right now, at the mo’

but… if i’m gonna spend money i don’t have, better to do it for three bucks an item than how some people do…. go to the mall and use credit… right?

american apparel.
six bucks for the outfit.

aw, why the long face, right?
that skirt is american eagle outfitters.

i like my white vans. but i still want to draw on them. maybe palm trees!?!?!



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