don’t wanna be ya

new 247
so beautiful.

new 249
the aftermath.

i didn’t really eat much at the restaurant. that always happens. i take the food home and save it for later. there are plenty of other occupations while dining in a restaurant which keep me amused and entertained. i enjoy the experience. the food is the bonus. right? plus beer fills you up.
it’s always a bit of a chore for me to finish my alcohol while dining out, so i tend to focus on getting that accomplished.

new 248
my companion’s meal. crab cakes (he wished they’d been a bit crisper) and he said the mashed taters were his favorite part.

new 244

new 241

new 243
those little anchovies were like a dollar fifty a piece.
expensive little buggers.
but that makes them all the more delectable, doesn’t it?
to be cherished.

new 240

new 239
little place called The Mighty Tavern.


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