a night out

new 200
well, hi there, old dolphin friend from last year. nice to see you again.
my daughter named him Silverado.

new 208
that’s cheap!

new 205new 212
she’s really working that cape sweater.
it’s cool. she’s rocking it.

new 203
the other night at The Coz.
the guy in the blue plaid-ish shirt was saying he was a Waldorf person. went to Waldorf schools.
the bartender’s reaction to that was kinda dorky, but not really my business… so i left it alone.

new 213
guy has some sweet fro-age.

new 214new 218new 219
here we were getting ready to leave.
i may have had one glass of wine more than i thought.
anyway, yeah. fun times while it lasted.
that’s the way it goes.


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