up all night

new 238
today was decent. i’ll take it.

new 236
removed my nail polish.
will paint tomorrow.

new 225
so, i deal with chronic pain.
it’s been going on and increasing for the last twenty years plus.
now that i am older, it really impacts my mobility.
i find myself having to sort of explain it to people.
it really is a disability and it’s not something that’s readily obvious to people other than the way that i squirm around when i have to stand for a while and i can’t really walk a long way.
even if i wanted to, i just really can’t.

new 228
yellow mustard.

new 202new 204
cool creepy old stairs.

new 198
my hat looks dumb because i had my hair up in a high sock bun and didn’t wanna mess with it but i needed the hat to protect my face from the sun. i already have way too much sun damage being fair-skinned and growing up in the central valley of cali, i.e., desert.

new 195
this sunscreen uses zinc oxide and titanium oxide, both of which turn your skin a lovely shade of powder pasty white chalk. woohoo!
but it is worth it.

new 194
see? i am an advocate.

new 185
skinny angles.

new 146
we all have armpits. haha


One comment

  1. OwMyEyes!

    That Velvet Underground t-shirt is ridiculous on you. So desperate.

    I bet all that cheese and bread really helps with your “chronic pain”. Can you read?

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