one meal does not a romance make

phone 1566
i made my mother’s day cheeseburger into a chard wrap.

phone 1567
my mom’s plants.

phone 1565
my stepdad grilled cheeseburgers (always overcooks them for my taste but that’s ok!!!)

love these camo lounge pants.

phone 1564
i prepped excessive amounts of veg.

phone 1552
fishtail braid infamous foto

phone 1562
mother’s day was awesome.
it was a great day.

phone 1559
my sister got this for our ma.

phone 1561
my little sis is doing great in her life. i am happy for her and for all of my family!

phone 1554
there she is!
the mother of all mothers!!!

phone 1551


phone 1546
do you have a problem with my pants?

phone 1544
fun is free.

phone 1542
do you feel lucky?

phone 1570
this was one of my better mom’s days.

phone 1572phone 1576
so cute.

phone 1577

phone 1578

phone 1579
the back.

phone 1581
that’s right.



  1. Martin

    what are you up to? Let’s make dinner and get drunk instead of you emailing me from linked in. lol
    Martin from Newcastle.

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