reach for the sky!

phone 1474
this morning i was rewarded with this

well, to me, it is a reward. a reward of caring about someone.

phone 1473
here i was in junior high (middle school, some call it) and my sister was the cutest.
as she continues to be.

phone 1471
so much goes on.
today was fabulous.
it was great.
i won’t complain one bit.

phone 1475
i bought a ton of veggies today on Apple Hill all for seven bucks and i felt like i got one over on the man! haha.

phone 1476
this stuff is my new favorite!
i love it.

i’m difficult to please when it comes to dressing. mostly i just use lemon juice and a litte salt. a lot of dressings are just too overpowering for me. i like the taste of the vegetables.

phone 1468
my car is running almost perfectly now, thanks to my friendly friend. yay!

phone 1465


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