sand2 2796
who blogs?
blogs are deader n’a doornail, ain’t they?


sand2 2784

sand2 2786

sand2 2789

sand2 2792
fun times eating smoosh.

sand2 2806
after eating sushi, don’t you just want a big steak or a burger?

me, too.

sand2 2779

sand2 2780

sand2 2781

sand2 2782

sand2 2783
this is where i live. nice place.
still hot, tho.
so hot today.
when i went to the farmer’s market all the lettuce was all wilted because it was a billion degrees there on that blacktop parkinglot where they had it.

sand2 2810

sand2 2808

sand2 2809
i am domestic goddess.

i deleted some fb friends today. cut the cord, severed the ties. some ppl just need to go if they obviously don’t care about you at all. others can not care in a non-offensive way… but some can’t.

sand2 2812
nom nom nom.
do ppl still say that?

sand2 2814
ok, re-hashing done, for now.

thanks for reading!


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