in fact

i had a nice easter day.
hope yours was swell.

i left my apartment yesterday morning without much time to get ready… spur of the moment thing.

took a shower before lunch, tho.

this is a dog toy which the supermarket wants people to buy for $8.
it’s cute, but i already have too many cute things as it is!

so, let’s see. i’m looking for a job……
went to an interview the other day, they ‘chose another candidate’ hahahahahaha it’s not funny. i just think it’s a little bit funny to call job applicants ‘candidates’ …. that’s just my weird sense of humor, tho.

anyway, i have another interview coming up this wednesday.
SO WOO HOO!!!! maybe THIS is the job for me? mayyyyy be.

i’m also going to be finding out the answer to a yes or no question FINALLY this coming wednesday as well. so wednesday should be big, y’all.


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