joyously eating salad

sand2 2671
this was mcdonalds… i never eat at mcdonalds, and if i do, it’s breakfast… but FOR mcdonalds this was alright, actually. i got full halfway thru, tho… saved the rest for a snack later.

sand2 2669sand2 2667
i did end up regretting having eaten it, tho, in the long run. feels like a lead weight in your gut for hours. instant nap time.

sand2 2701
look how happy i am when i eat salad!
it literally takes me an hour to eat a big plateful of salad.

sand2 2652
always with the posture reminders. yeesh.

haha. jk

sand2 2624
creative salads for every meal. the possibilities are actually infinite.

sand2 2620
looks like i’m all tatted up.


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