please don’t ignore this

sand2 2532
we aren’t allowed to have decorations on our porches, so i have to put my prayer flags on the inside of my window.
the reason we can’t have decorations is that some people will then use their porch as an additional complete living and storage space… some people will always push things too far and spoil it for everyone else.

sand2 2540
salad salad salad salad salad.
i have been eating as many and as much salad as possible this past week.

sand2 2519
still cycling thru old pics
i haven’t worn that white shirt since the second day i got it because it needs to be washed and i want to wash it by hand but i seem to always have too many things to do and to think about …. so that’s on the backburner.

it’s one of those things which would take like two seconds… you just have to DO it! i’m a huge procrastinator.

sand2 2516
i like shirts that remind me of the sky.

sand2 2510
red pill or blue?

sand2 2513
your choices are two.
i was just trying to show off my nails.
those were glue on tips and then you do this gel shellac stuff over it. lasts about a week… then they start to become loose and if you are like me you pick at them until you pick them off. can’t help it.
my nails are long, now anyway… they just aren’t square at the tip because that is unnatural…

sand2 2506
the nail kit comes with three different bottle of fluid you need to use but the one you need the most of, they give you the least of so you run out of it before you run out of everything else! so i need more of that crap before i can really move forward.


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