srsly, i am forty. i’m going thru something and
i’ll get thru it but
i really do think being ‘thin’ isn’t all there is to it.
i’m still in my same size range but on the higher end of it and it’s mostly due to a lack of willpower and discipline. that’s all it is. and maybe hormones.
but i’m still hot.
it’s just something. i’m not really even in charge of that.

illuminati lunch

angry whopper. HIGHLY recommend having it at least once. probably should only ever have it once. BUT it’s so yummy! thank you to my friend robert for the head’s up. and encouragement. sometimes one just needs a guilty burger pleasure.

you should have one.
it has these fried onions and pickled jalapenos.

das boot birdhouse

it is miraculous to be on this planet alive right now.
in spite of ourselves.

the infiniteness of space………..
the probability.
i mean, if a supervolcano happened to blow and changed the entire climate/atmosphere– everything.
then it would all be different than it is now, that’s for sure.

seems like a ‘deep thought’ but it’s really a wonderful thing. i like to remember this.

one of the things about the royal tenenbaums is that it speaks to how ‘weird’ real families really are!!!! y’know?
especially kind of from a kid’s p.o.v. yeah.
it’s like he is remembering and reminding how it feels to be around weird old relatives by force when you
are a kid.

life is good


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