and roses

not lookin’ too happy here.
but life isn’t always sunshine and light, is it!?!?!?!?!

sand2 2517
today it kinda is, tho.

sand2 2505
watched this last night. it was kinda like the new being john malkovich.

sand2 2504
i hate my computer!
i need a new one.
my old new one got smashed on accident.
poor me.

sand2 2404

sand2 2498
all these glitters for seven bucks.

sand2 2497
my computer is just so slow. whenever i try to put a pic in my blog post it takes a hundred hours just for ONE pic.
for these nachos, i ordered la lengua. but it was not well-done enough for my taste. kinda ookie.

sand2 2528
i’m grumpy right now probably because i haven’t eaten any proper food today. i had a small salad earlier.


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