everyone loves

sand2 2266
sliders, beautiful sliders, wonderful sliders
beautiful slides.

sand2 2267
i like dill pickles n mustard.

sand2 2289
criss cross applesauce

sand2 2273
my daughter made this at the pizza-making birthday party we were invited to at a swanky country club.

sand2 2288
i’m trying to show these knickers i got.
i love them.
if only they had an elastic waist, tho! there is no stretch in them.
i’m working on becoming less soft-in-the-middle
i have my excuses.

until then we try to find clever fashion attempts at hiding and disguising!

sand2 2258
the pizzas before they were cooked.
as you can see, my daughter’s is the best one!

sand2 2252
i wanted those balloons so badly!

sand2 2261
i love the pizza balloon. so cool.

sand2 2286
i’m getting ready to go out to breakfast with a friend.
i like to do that.

i took those cuttings off the neighbor’s plant downstairs.
and my apt mgr doesn’t want me having that bamboo screen up but i am still going to keep trying to put it up from 4-6PM because the sun beating in on my front porch/livingroom window during the hottest part of the day is stupid. gimme a break, man.


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