police = hippies

sand2 2238
the pool will be ready soon.
probably by May, realistically speaking.

sand2 2239
this was delish.

sand2 2248
zomb bomb yumb numb nom
i’m tongue tied.

sand2 2240
a little weak on the alcohol but cool.

sand2 2241
they could have poured more. haha.

that’s good, tho. no need for hangovers. this is just for entertainment purps.

sand2 2242
wastin’ away again in margaritaville….
searchin’ for mah lost shaker o’ salt.

you get to keep the shaker.
kinda cool.

sand2 2243
i got the italian.

neverending salad neverending bread neverending beans… dude man.

sand2 2245
sometimes there’s just too much deliciousness to take in.

sand2 2246
my dinner. amazeballs. i could only eat about half of it.

sand2 2251
yum. dessert. it’s been a while since i went out for a “nice steakhouse dinner”
twas enjoyable.
celebration of the one year anniversary of the end of a relashe. a good thing to do, i think. why not?


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