why so serious?

sand2 2211
i got these glasses at goodwill for a dollar. just for fun.
they are very weak readers. they still distort my vision tho, which is perfect… so i can’t really wear them much.
my daughter says they make me look fat! haha.

sand2 2199
who, me?

i’ve been trying really hard to keep my nails nice. dipped n tipped. but they are my real nails and it’s un-natural, i think, for nails to be very long. they break and bend and get worn and chip.

i need to put henna in my hair but it’s such a mess and you really need to sleep with it in overnight. ugh. i keep putting it off but my hair needs it! if i put it on my hair during the day i basically wouldn’t be able to go anywhere for five hours or so. i’ll just wait til tonight and bite the bullet.


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