it’s not about conversation

sand2 2030
this is “my master’s” belt buckle. it was burned in a fire.

sand2 2031
stylin gearshift, breh.

sand2 2035
cool cool.

sand2 2022sand2 2024sand2 2028
darn you blurry camera!
this was a delicious falafel pita.

sand2 2026
now that it’s spring, life is back.
i forgot that winter ends.
i realize i live in an extremely mild climate, but still….

sand2 2016sand2 2015
sweet ride, eh?

sand2 2014
i forgot what it was like to be out in nature.
it’s fabulous. the best. also great to get the blood flowing. i’m reborn!

sand2 2005sand2 2021
take me to the river.

sand2 2027


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