pretzel bun

i had to do some business today.
it was something i wanted to do.
well, not really, but then again; yes, really.

sometimes you have to do things that kinda suck.

whine whine whine.

sand2 1991
roast beef and cheddar, pretzel bun, mustard.

sand2 1981
yummy yogurt caesar dressing, pickled tomatoes.

sand2 1979
my skin is really dry. whewf. i need to hydrate.
lotion up!

don’t get old. that’s what my grammie always used to say to me. i used to think it was a weird thing to say!

sand2 1970
that is so sexy right now.
yummay yum yum.

sand2 1972

sand2 1984
bulk spices are awesome.


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