what planet rules you?

sand2 1826
easter owls?
i want one.
but i guess i don’t.
you know. …. the symbolism…

sand2 1849
today was and actually still is warm… it’s 8pm as the crow flies. derp.

sand2 1820
mcdonald’s breakfast has sneaked up in price, hasn’t it?
i think this little sandwich was over $3.50
which isn’t that much… i guess. i shouldn’t be eating that stuff, anyway.
summer is coming!!!
and it was decent but not really as great as i ‘remember’ y’know? the bacon was better than i remember, tho. the biscuit was a little dry. i should have tried the egg whites…
i had a coupon for the free coffee.

i’m turning old. everything seems like it’s so expensive these days!

why can’t things just stay the same price?
don’t answer that.

sand2 1822
i am one of those people who literally LOLs at the funny pages. they seem to be a dying art, now, sad to say.

sand2 1878
happy saturday to you.

sand2 1824
i went grocery shopping today.
i was very thrifty and practical.
my grandmother (rest her soul) would be proud.

sand2 1831
fifty cents.
if they suck…. who cares ? as long as they aren’t rotten…. it’s an adventure.

sand2 1839
$.28 for this. what a deal.
i didn’t have any hot sauce, so how can i lose?

sand2 1840
this pic sux.
but i am an advocate of sourdough bread.
it’s better for you than most breads because of the cultures.

sand2 1844
ugh. my camera es el p.o.s.
i just couldn’t pass these up.
they are packaged in maryland in 2011 so maybe there is no fukushima. there IS msg, tho.
which is worse?

sand2 1895
i got this hair rose for a buck.
pretty sweet.

matches me.

sand2 1864
natural habitat blah blah blabbity blah

alright then.


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