witch way is which?

sand2 1813
waiting on news you might hear about any day but you can’t be sure WHICH day and it’s a yes or no thing is like:


haha. ooooh. i went there.

so many nail varnishes, so little time!

the whole concept of nail polish is hilarious and abusurd (abusurd?) absurd, really. but, whatever. YOLO.

good eye-makeup day.
didn’t do my hair tho.
it’s so hard to get it all right at once!
hair, nails, grooming, bathing, clothes, makeup!
it’s similar to how hard it is to make a good homemade breakfast but have everything ready at the same time.

highly processed photo.

but kinda magical.

i’m watching The Hobbit again. I tend to miss a lot, AD/HD ‘n all.

it’s a movie with lots to absorb, probably designed to be re-watched. the music is nice. lots of visual detail.
plus it’s so epic-ly long!


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