all for now

sand2 1803
a maxfield parrish sky.

sand2 1799
i’ve most certainly been eating too much pasta.
that’s what happens sometimes

sand2 1804
i’m rather quite fond of mustard.
and dill pickles.
i’m a firm believer that both are beneficial for health.

sand2 1793
couldn’t get this one in-focus for the life of me.
that’s plain yogurt. it tends to be my favorite dressing.

sand2 1790sand2 1792
scary. that lime dressing is alright. needs mustard, maybe.

sand2 1782
eating is the highlight of my existence. cool story?

sand2 1787
what i need to do is start hauling my fat, lazy ass over to the gym which is like point one of a mile away from my house besides all of the awesome walking and biking trails i fail to utilize. i’m depressed. so sue me.


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