this is the place where i got my first ‘brain freeze’ as a child. i had no idea what was happening to me. it hurt! but i think i also kind of knew after a minute why it had happened, maybe because my mom told me when i screamed because i felt like i was dying! it was from one of their amazing and famous peanut butter milkshakes

it’s getting so hot here, i really won’t be able to wear jackets and long pants much longer.
also i will need to rearrange my furniture to the summer formation so as to free up the air conditioning unit.

most movies i watch are not really my cup of tea…
i watch movies as research.
i don’t know why i am obsessed with doing it.
it’s like i should be getting paid for this.
why do humans make movies and watch movies?
it’s weird.

i feel like it is my duty to watch as many movies as i can. there are certain things i do not find of interest. i’m not into gory stuff. i’m just figuring out what i like.
also watching james gandolfini movies. #rip
every mirror is a photo-op. it’s good to check in. i was running around trying to get ready for valentine’s day, which ended up being a bit of a flop BUT
i did get a nice curling wand as a result of my ‘errands’.
and some henna paste to help transition to my natural color hopefully, eventually, maybe not?

i do not work out enough for these.
oy vey.
i got the FULL ON LUON because i am a middle aged couch potato. pathetic, right? that’s ok. it’s all good.
there are bigger fish to fry in this crazy world.

and so many lovely cheeseburgers and chili fries and bacon!

ugh i need a good camera!
this was from going to visit an old record store where i once worked, when i was 18 or 19.

i didn’t really like any of these movies.
the queen: boring.

mutual appreciation was unusual and i remained interested in it but idk. i respect it.

On The Road was just noisy, clatter-y (such a clatter), and seemingly pointless? much ado about nothing.

Jeff Who Lives at Home was a pretty good story, can’t say it was my fave movie of all time but i liked the idea of it.


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