praise and blame

sand2 1706
i love this little beaut.
found it at Goodwill.
it fits well into the doctor bag/white theme for spring. wouldn’t you agree?

sand2 1715
hair conceited today!
i deserve it a little bit tho because i’ve been going thru kind of a bad hair year.
i cut it, dyed it with commercial dye that fucked it up royally back in october. been payin the price for that ever since. back to henna and getting gradually back to just a normal color. i am going grey, tho. my mom asked me when i was gonna let it just go back to natural… i said i will probably keep using henna. why not?

sand2 1677
practicing my hand modeling skillz.
i bought this stuff but it is TOO strong! it’s kinda gross. i’m sensitive to perfumes, tho.

sand2 1685
on a trip to home depot for some light bulbs.
i love using self check. this one was quite advanced.

sand2 1709
i curled my hair with a curling rod last night but it’s been humid and i didn’t use styling spray so it’s fallen out but i still love it. curling wand is the way to go, breh.


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