future of feminism

sand2 1684sand2 1657
ask and ye shall receive.

sand2 1662
i am privileged to have received a gift of lululemon.

sand2 1654
more on that later?
it was fun. i enjoyed the opportunity to go into the store and pick out what i wanted. thank you, carl! thank you, universe!

sand2 1666
today i have been very self-indulgent. sometimes it just has to happen. a me-day, yes. alone all day, no role to play. just do what you want. nap. watch movies. eat. relax.

sand2 1668
comfy cozy all the way, bro. haha.
i can’t say bro/.
i’m toooooooooooo old.

sand2 1674
i have an addiction to cheese.
i need to cut the cheese.

sand2 1688
my valentine’s day wasn’t the worst in the history of mankind… but it was far from the best, i must tell you.

still, there are small pleasures in each day. this i cannot deny.

sand2 1683
so today i am watching movies and relaxing.
and i feel okay.



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