…but a dream…

rye toast with marmalade.
today was a good day.

sorry for the blurrrrr.

my equipment is shoddy and my hands,  shaky.

i would like to have this.

why am i obsessed with adidas these days? srsly. it’s those three stripes, for some reason… oops. seems my space bar is malfunctioning?

this was cool. i like small, hard purses they hold things neatly and it doesn’t flop around. more orderly and compact? this was ralph lauren. didn’t buy it, just exploring. research. this was a dusky purple alligator-looking bag.

i added the disco valentines heart.

it was a rainy day and i did not ‘fix my face’ or hair. threw on gray hat and ran to the store because i was craving pickles.



watched a super cool movie today.
it was awesome.
American Hustle.
i want to do an elaborate blog post about it but ….
i just don’t know.
it was a very good movie and i appreciate it very much.


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