sand2 1623
these lilies are lovely, but they really don’t look like this irl.
photography is a weird thing.

things don’t look how they really look.

sand2 1622
i used to have these shoes when i was a kid.
my old ones didn’t have orange, tho. mostly grey, purple, blue.

they have the little pockets where you can put a quarter or something so you won’t be a vagrant, perma-stylez.

sand2 1621
a couple of pictures what didn’t make the first cut.

today, my daughter and i walked over to the park and there were a troupe of teens doing p.e.
she found it fascinating… it was interesting
i tried not to stare.
it was educational.
wow. to realize i am 20yrs older than them they/they are old
it doesn’t surprise me.
it’s just trippy time travel.


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