buttered popcorn

sand2 1614
today i handled my emotions pretty well. aren’t you proud of me? i maintained my composure both inwardly and outwardly. yay, me!

sand2 1618
my hair is too red. i need to brown it down a little bit.

sand2 1617
went and saw Lone Survivor today.
basically military propaganda.
very gory.
but educational, too, in a sense. being it so that many people have no clue as to what is going on out there in the world other than their b.s. little ‘white people problem’ lives.

in that movie i nervously scraped all the polish off my nails, except for three. i’m trying to grow them out and keep them ‘french’ myself (cheaper) but it’s not as easy as it looks.

also, i totally thought christian bale was going to be in that movie, but i was sadly mistaken.

sand2 1612
now watching rented DVD Rush. racecar movie. starts out with sex right away. racing is about sex.

sand2 1609
this morning i made breakfast potatoes with bell pepper and onion, bacon, fried eggs and spelt toast with butter. i feel like i’ve already blogged that. well, that makes sense because i have made and blogged breakfast billions of times. people are patterns.


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