i’m singin’ in the rain

speaking of butts,
the other day i saw this grandma with her grandson.
they were both adorable.
you could tell they were related… they looked a lot alike.
they both had short hair.
she was jaunty.
jauntily clad.
she had on adorable jeans. some cute tom’s shoes.
she looked great. i would like to look that good, now. 🙂
and the little boy loved to pat her on the butt.
it was like her butt is so cute that it’s a continual part of her identity everywhere she goes.
hmmm. humans are soooooooooooooo

this food was so-so.
my eggs were slightly under-done.
better than overdone, tho, really.

my companion ordered his usual: chicken fried steak.
his eggs looked slightly under-cooked, too…
but maybe he ordered that way. i didn’t pay attn.

why does it bother me when women wear exercise pants as pants in totally public situations? i was brought up to think that was inappropriate and now i feel forced to have to do it to stay in step with the times.

i think it’s slutty and i guess we have to be slutty now, to compete? even old-ass bitches have to wear slut clothes or be ignored and invisible. POOP!

this is what happens when i use a large, ceramic round brush to blowdry my hair.

and, so, i have come to fully realize that i am nothing special. NOTHING SPECIAL, i tell you!
nobody cares.

i kinda got hijacked by an ‘old-timer’ in AA.
he laid it on thick, acted expertly.
a predator. that is how i see it.
it pisses me off.
but all i can do is use it as another learning experience, i guess.
always learning.
i’m a slow-learner. self-professed.

i do not feel this photo is flattering to moi.
that is okay.
i ain’t all that.
so what.
i’m okay with it. (not okay)
i don’t know.
me me me me me me me

BUT that was an interesting restaurant.
authentic atmosphere… whatever.


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