connected at the hip

here is another picture of ME!
this morning i am watching a dumb Disney show called Austin & Ally and it’s funny! i wanted to think it is dumb… and it IS but somehow it turned my brain into more mush than it already was/is/has been and I keep laughing at it. it’s Silly.
how teenagers would act if they were actually 8.

also i am reading this ebook about Rudyard Kipling because i am FASCINATED by him.
not really.
but i like to know stuff and i don’t know enough about good old Rudyard.
i should name something Rudyard. it’s a fun name.

this is my mom’s perfume.
i think she got it for christmas.
versace bright crystal

the first night at my mom’s, my stepdad barbequed some rib eyes.

this is some weird old man in an old fashioned swim suit toy.
what is the meaning of it?
i do not know.

today we are probably going to go to a touristy gold rush town and get chocolate.


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