all about me

Today was a day.
what can I say?
i broke ANOTHER mirror.
i’ve broken many.
that’s why all the bad luck, i guess.
no, i don’t know. hopefully that’s not true.
but it must be.
it probably is. haha

i have no idea what i am doing (in life)!
i may try to convince myself that i do… but i really don’t.
do YOU?
have you got it all figured out?
i doubt it.
it’s all much too complex.

there is something weird going on here with this pic. it’s like the blur made one side of my face spread out in the photo. elephant (wo)man!


someone posted this on glp and i liked it:

The Steps are all about looking at your shit, you now the shit you’re always trying to hide from yourself, your shadow, your selfishness, your greed, your jealousies, your dependence on other people, places and things, your dependencies even on religion, your self loathing, your self pity, your need for control and manipulation, your need to be right.
And once you look that these aspects of yourself, you need to go and also look at your beauty, your gifts, your service, your gratitude, your assets, your selflessness, your humor, your wit, your intellect.
The point of any 12 step process is to be completely honest with yourself, all of you, and to live in truth.
And once you live in your truth, you can live in your love, and once you can live in truth and love, you can find freedom, because freedom casts all lies aside, freedom serves truth, and truth serves freedom.
You cannot be enslaved by something if you are living in total truth of it.
Dis-empower comes about when you are living a lie because there is no power in a living being who is fragmented, compartmentalized, and destructive and it takes a place of looking within to actually give you the power to gain your real life back, at least a life worth living.


and it really isn’t all about me. and that’s a good thing!


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