magic magnifying mind

IMG_20140110_113503 (1)
i have a ton of stuff to do and i need someone to help me manage my time.
i think too much, that’s why.
all thought, and not enough of the right action.

IMG_20140105_133125 (1)
he said these don’t look good.
i like them.
they’re fun and different.


i am afraid of myself in this picture.
i WAS trying to make a crazy scary face.
to be fair.

well, a crazy face.


here is a more normal looking facial expression for ya.
i have a stylist.
this is me following the directions of my stylist but doing it how i do it.


i look pregnant. the vest looks better unzipped? i like it. i will be getting skinnier soon, it’s just a fact. no more alcohol and i really don’t eat anywhere near as much as i used to. i think? and as soon as i can start working it in, back to the GYM!

my hands are large. it obviously is something i inherited. workin’ hands, i guess.
dextrous. dexter.
so, i was supposed to get a french manicure, but i want to use my own nails and just have gel polish painted on top. i don’t really want to go the acrylic route, if i can avoid it.

yep. so there it is.

i liked that sweatshirt. went back to buy it the next day and it was gone. pooey.


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